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Rage, rage, against the dying of the light

8 January
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Welsh, born to be left-wing - we take it in with our mother's milk. That, and a love of rugby, enhanced by my Dad and three brothers playing and later my son and my daughter's boyfriends playing... It is a very big part of our lives. And that is not just rugby - that is WELSH rugby!

I rebelled at 16 and left Grammar school, going on to win a place at the prestigious Norland College and later taking my degree with the Open University. I was a teacher, like the rest of my family, but came to hate what was happening, rebelled again and had to give it up! There is a theme occurring here...

With three brothers I grew up on Superman, Batman etc and any sci-fi we could find. I saw the very first episode of Doctor Who. My one brother and I were so excited that we stood through the whole programme, though I can't remember what happened!
I have had a lifelong love of musicals and theatre, inherited from my parents - my dad was a teacher and also a writer and wrote several musicals. One of my earliest memories was going to the theatre with my dad.

My eldest daughter and I adored John Barrowman from his first appearance on telly back in the Live and Kicking days. [Though I think he was on a few eps of Blue Peter before that...] Have seen him in many things so - Doctor Who, Captain Jack... Torchwood was a must! But then COE happened...
I came across TW fanfic inadvertently in March 2011 and laughed, loved and cried so much, I was hooked. Have been reading non-stop ever since. So having never read, or wanted to read, fanfic before, even during the heady days of Lois and Clark, here I am being constantly amazed, thrilled and delighted to read all the amazing stories of Jack, Ianto and the teams[s] that the TV writers either could not, would not, or were not allowed [my theory] to write. So much potential laid to waste at the feet of RTD. But that lack was our gain because there are endless gaps to fill and luckily for us, some brilliant writers to fill them.

Live in Penarth where I can sit out in my garden and look out over Cardiff Bay and the Barrage.
Love a bit of Twitter, where I try to be observational rather than narrative - @cerijanegray